New flora species discovered in Khanh Hoa natural reserve hinh anh 1Miguelia Cruenta Aver & Vuong (Photo: Truong Ba Vuong - Institute of Tropical Biology)
Vietnamese scientists and foreign partners have discovered new plant organisms living 1,000 metres above sea level at the Hon Ba Natural Reserve 30 kilometres away from central Khanh Hoa province’s Nha Trang city.

A newly-found species in the coffee family has been named Xu huong Yahara in honour of collaboration between the Institute of Tropical Biology and the centre for Asian ecology conservation under Japan’s Kyushu University. The plant is between 1 and 1.5 metres in height with red flowers and egg-shaped fruit.

The Vietnamese institute and the Czech Republic’s Prague garden have also jointly uncovered two new members of the ginger family – which were named Zingiber discolor and Zingiber yersinii.

Meanwhile, Miguelia Cruenta Aver & Vuong – a wild orchid with zigzagged greenish yellow flowers – has been added to Vietnam’s book of nature.

Covering 2,000 hectares, the Hon Ba Natural Reserve boasts more than 590 species of flora. Established in 2005, the reserve has been a big draw for local and international biologists.-VNA