A 300-year-old banyan in Nghia Hanh district of central Quang Ngai province has been recognised as a Vietnam Heritage Tree, the second granted with the title in the locality.

A ceremony was held on April 15 to mark the event.

The tree, which is 25 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter was planted at the Lam Son communal house before King Le Hien Tong’s reign (1740-1786).

According to village elderly, surviving wars and natural calamities through decades, especially the fierce storms in 1910 and 1944, the banyan has developed well thanks to the villagers’ care.

The Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment ( VACNE) launched a programme to conserve Vietnam Heritage Trees in 2011.

To win the honour, the trees must be at least 200 years old in the case of wild trees, and at least 100 years for those planted. Moreover, the trees should be connected with historical and cultural characteristics of the area where they grow.

Others, which do not meet the aforesaid criteria yet have special values in science, history or culture, will be recognised as heritage.

Nearly 500 trees have been named Vietnam Heritage Tree so far.-VNA