National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung has said the mechanism for State-regulated land pricing used to calculate compensation for land clearance is intended to gradually match market prices.

Speaking at a NA Standing Committee session on the revised Land Law on September 12, Hung said the revised Law would address shortcomings in the current version and reduce complaints, conflicts and corruption relating to land.

Under the draft revision introduced by the Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Nguyen Minh Quang, the State will have the authority to evict people or organisations for the purposes of national security, defence, socio-economic development, public benefit projects or in cases where land is not being used in accordance with land-use certificates.

The revised Law provides that the Prime Minister, National Assembly, NA Standing Committee and municipal and provincial People's Committees are empowered to decide land evictions. Compensation for evicted land users would be decided on the basis of land pricing regulated by provincial authorities at the time of the eviction.

In light of the revised Law, advocates have alleged that land values increase after the evictions and the announcement of major projects, suggesting that compensation should be forward looking and based on appreciated land values rather than lower valuations based on the current use of the land.

The chairman of the NA Economic Committee, Nguyen Van Giau, responded to the claims agreeing land values could increase after State evictions and investment in infrastructure.

"The increased value belongs to the State and would be regulated by the State," he said.

Phung Quoc Hien, chairman of the NA Financial and Budget Affairs Committee, urged that there needed to be a joint gain from land evictions for the State, enterprises and people, in an effort to avoid conflict; noting that if land values increased significantly after State investment in infrastructure, the State could share the profits to support evicted persons.

Truong Thi Mai, chairwoman of the NA Social Affairs Committee, said that at present, the law provided support for land evictees in the form of job training and placement, and relocation, but that they were not meeting expectations.

She urged that clearer regulations be put in place to clarify the responsibilities of agencies which should provide support services.

The revised Land Law is expected to be adopted after the adoption of the revised 1992 Constitution at the 6th session of the NA in October. In the last NA meeting in June, the revised bill was not adopted, with the compiling board urged to continue refining the law.-VNA