The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of central Nghe An province has recently announced a decision to establish Pu Hoat Nature Reserve.

Covering a total area of ​​ more than 90,000 ha, the Pu Hoat Nature Reserve is home to 763 species of plants with more than 30 species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam, 176 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

The establishment of Pu Hoat Nature Reserve will contribute to the protection of ecosystem, biodiversity, genetic resources, historical sites, cultural landscapes and forest environment in the province.

Up to now, Nghe An has possessed two nature reserves and one national park, including Pu Huong Nature Reserve, Pu Hoat Nature Reserve and Pu Mat National Park, which are located in the Biosphere Reserve to the West of Nghe An on an aggregated area of ​​ 1.303.278 ha with a population of 437,822 people.-VNA