The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, alongside Amazon Global Selling will be selecting 100 potential Vietnamese enterprises that meet Amazon’s criteria to introduce on the online retail platform. Thus, Vietnamese businesses will have many opportunities to expand exports via e-commerce to more than 300 million buyer accounts worldwide on the prestigious retail site.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in 2018, the country had nearly 700,000 businesses, of which small- and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 98 percent. Many businesses still face difficulties in reaching the international market or online sales channels.

As such, the Amazon Global Selling programme has opened up great opportunities, especially for products such as handicrafts, textiles, leather and footwear, and consumer products.

Amazon will offer direct and online sales skills training, intensive support and advice, as well as discounted prices with local service providers throughout the Amazon sales process.

Besides, the 100 selected businesses will have the opportunity to participate in the second phase of the plan, focusing on the brand development of Vietnamese businesses and goods in the Amazon e-commerce environment.

It’s expected that Vietnamese businesses can reach more than 300 million Amazon user accounts worldwide regularly through this e-commerce platform. It is also an important channel to promote and export Vietnamese goods globally ./.