Vietnam’s Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) has held a ceremony to introduce the Review of Indian and Asian Studies, a publication of the Institute for Indian and South-West Asian Studies (IISAS).

The magazine, which make debut on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese-Indian diplomatic ties, provides a scientific forum for researchers and readers who have an interest in India and Asia in general.

Prof. Nguyen Xuan Thang, the President of the VASS, said that relations between India and Vietnam , as well as between India and other Asian countries, are constantly studied by both Vietnamese and overseas researchers.

The magazine, which will be published every two months, will report and comment on research outcome, while helping to strengthen cooperation between scientific agencies inside and outside of the country.

It will also give a clearer picture of India and Asia’s political institutions, economies, society and culture, particularly Vietnam ’s viewpoints and policies in relation to other regional countries.

At the same time, the publication will also examine relations between Vietnam and India and Asia, which will help to boost the increasingly comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and South-West Asian countries.

According to Ranjit Rae, India ’s Ambassador to Vietnam , the magazine will enrich academic exchanges between Vietnam and India.-VNA