Nearly 100 scientists from institutes and universities inside and outside the country gathered at a June 14 conference in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss postmodernism and new religious movements (NRM) in Vietnam and the world.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Duong from the Religious Studies Institute noted that NRM was introduced in Vietnam in the 1990s and has become a phenomenon in the country’s religious life.

According to primary statistics, about 70-80 new religious phenomena exist in Vietnam in various and diverse forms, bringing with it complicated activities that influence religious life, while impacting the country’s socio-economy and politics, he said.

Dr. Vo Van Sen, Rector of the Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the organiser of the event, said NRM is still a new issue in Vietnam, and has yet been fully studied.

However, in the current globalisation and economic integration in Vietnam, postmodernism and NRM have proven their effect on the spiritual life of society, he added.

Therefore, the research and study of these phenomena in terms of both theory and practice are crucial.

During the conference, participants also discussed various issues including opinions on the current NRM situation in Vietnam, India and the US, approaches to this issue, as well as definitions of NRM and the recognition of NRM in Vietnam.-VNA