Many unnecessary administrative procedures would be cut out when a new resolution on administrative reform in investment projects is approved by the Government, the Vietnam Law and Legal Forum Magazine reported.

The draft resolution, which was announced at a meeting held by the Ministry of Justice on February 7 in Hanoi, aims at simplifying administrative procedures in investment projects and improving the business environment.

It proposes measures to simplify administrative procedures in investment project implementation, including the abolishment of unnecessary and ineffective administrative procedures. One-stop-shop policy would also be applied in investment projects.

Other measures on administrative procedures transparency would help prevent corruption and build up trust for individuals and enterprises in investment and business activities.

The number of administrative procedures that enterprises have to follow from preparation to implementation of projects would be cut down from 34 to 22.

Accordingly, the time frame would be halved, helping individuals and enterprises save around 60 million USD every year.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong said the simplification of administrative procedures at many State agencies remained slow and unsystematic, many agencies even set out extra requirements for individuals and enterprises while administrative procedure fees in Vietnam ranked the highest in the world.

He asked related agencies to properly address individuals and enterprises’ responses and recommendations on administrative reform and timely tackle government staff corruption and wrongdoings related to investment procedures.-VNA