Vietnamese and French scientists have discovered a new species of scorpion in the northern mountainous province of Bac Kan, according to the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources.

This species (Euscorpiops cavernicola Lourenco & Pham) was discovered by Dr. Pham Dinh Sac from the institute under the Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Dr. Wilson Lourenco from the Paris Museum of Natural History in France.

The new species belongs to the Euscorpiidae family. It is discovered by the research team on the basis of specimens collected in Hua Ma cave in Quang Khe commune, Ba Be district. The description of the species is published on the international journal Comptes Rendus Biologies in July.

This is the first time scientists have discovered Euscorpiidae scorpion species in the cave environment.

Dr. Sac was quoted by the VietNamNet Bridge as saying that the new finding is not only significant in science but also has practical values because scorpion venom is a natural material for the pharmaceutical industry.-VNA