The Hanoi Stock Exchange on Sept. 13 welcomed new listings by Nam Viet Bank (NVB), IDJ International Financial Investment and Enterprise Development Co (IDJ) and Asia Pacific Investment Co (API).

Nam Viet Bank (NVB), which became the third bank listed on the northern bourse, issued 100 million shares, representing its entire charter capital of 1 trillion VND (51.3 million USD). NVB closed up 8 percent from its opening price to 11,900 VND per share (0.61 USD), with 69,700 changing hands.

This year, NVB targets earnings of 2.67 trillion VND (136.9 million USD) and a net profit of at least 350 billion VND (18 million USD). It has also set a goal of total assets reaching 27 trillion VND (1.4 billion USD) by year's end and outstanding loans of 17 trillion VND (871.8 million USD).

The bank also plans to increase its charter capital to 3 trillion VND (153.8 million USD).

IDJ, which operates in the fields of infrastructure and real estate development, was founded in 2007 with domestic individuals contributing about 90 percent of its charter capital.

This year, it targets earnings of 550 billion VND (28.2 million USD) and a net profit of 75 billion VND (3.8 million USD). It has also set plans in place to increase its charter capital to 400 billion VND (20.5 million USD)

IDJ shares closed down 12.5 percent on their opening day to 17,500 VND (0.90 USD) per share, with nearly 1.1 million traded.

Real estate developer API, established in 2007 with a charter capital of 264 billion VND (8.4 million USD), has been listed on the unlisted public companies market (UPCoM) since October of last year.

It moved its listing to the primary exchange, and saw its shares plunge by 10 percent from their opening price to a close of 15,500 VND (0.79 USD) per share. API shares generated a volume of 273,500 on their opening day.

API has targeted earnings of 200 billion VND (10.3 million USD) this year and a profit of 50 billion VND (2.6 million USD)./.