The management board of the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in central Quang Binh province launched two new park tours on April 22.

This is the first time pilot tourist projects have been tried out in the area and their popularity will be assessed to ascertain their sustainability .

The two tours, which focus on discovering the natural beauty of the Rao Thuong River , the Swallows Cave and the mysterious Phong Nha Cave , are ideal tours for people who love nature and want to explore the Park, a World Natural Heritage site, in more depth.

On the Rao Thuong-Swallows Cave tour, tourists will have the chance to take in the stunning beauty of primeval forests, the clear Rao Thuong River and imposing mountain scenery that surrounds the cave, one of the biggest of 300 caves in the area.

The subterranean tour of Phong Nha Cave will be a new experience for tourists, as they will be able to row boats at their own leisure along the underground river that flows throughout the 1,500 metre long cave.

The two new tourist destinations are part of Quang Binh’s Tourism Month 2012, to mark the region’s National Tourism Year.-VNA