The central province of Nghe An announced the adjusted urban master plan for Vinh City through 2030 during a New Year investors’ meeting held in Vinh City on March 4.

Event participants included National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, leaders of provincial authorised bodies, and domestic and foreign investors.

According to Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Ho Duc Phoc, the plan will cover Vinh City, Cua Lo commune and parts of Nghi Loc and Hung Nguyen districts.

Phoc highlighted that under the plan, the city will be developed into a hub of finance, commerce, tourism, education-training, science-technology, healthcare, culture, sport, and high-tech industry in the north central region with population of up to 900,000 people in 2030.

Accordingly, the city will be categorized into three urban development zones and one affiliated zone.

The central zone comprises of the current Vinh City and part of Hung Nguyen district, covering an area of 110.27

The current Cua Lo town, to be expanded to the west to cover 42, is another urban zone, and the third one comprises of Quan Hanh urban area and part of the South-East Economic Zone with a total area of 25.37

The affiliated zone will serve as a cushion area among urban zones.

Nghe An will coordinate with relevant units to compile a list of priority development projects in Vinh City to attract capital, Phoc added.-VNA