The central province of Nghe An plans to concentrate on the development of key industries up to 2020, including the production and supply of cement, building materials, sugars, electricity and garments.

For the next five years, the province will ensure that it completes the cement projects of Song Lam, Tan Thang, and Hoang Mai 2 in order to reach a production capacity of 10.2 million tonnes by 2020.

The total capacity of cement production in the province reached 1.64 million tonnes last year.

It will also construct an unburned brick factory with an annual capacity of 400 million units in Hoang Mai Industrial Zone and a factory for casting concrete production with a capacity of 4,000 cubic metres per year.

In terms of power facilities, Nghe An will speed up the progress of investment projects for hydroelectricity plants to enhance their capacity to 2,300 MW by 2020.

Currently, the province has implemented 22 hydropower projects with a capacity of 971 MW and nine other projects with a capacity of 749 MW.

The sugar industry is expected to consume about 15,500 tonnes of sugar cane per day and the total output of sugar is to reach 180-190,000 tonnes per year.

More investment will also be poured into completing an industrial complex for fibres, textile and garment production in Nam Dan district and Dong Nam Industrial Zone, with the objective of producing 35 million units in the year 2020.-VNA