Whirlwinds occurred in several mountainous districts of central Nghe An province from April 27 to May 5, causing a total economic loss of approximately 28 billion VND (1.28 million USD).

The whirlwinds destroyed 14 houses, and blew off the roofing of 894 others in Quy Hop, Tan Ky, Anh Son, Tuong Duong, Thanh Chuong and Que Phong districts.

They also damaged 325 hectares of rice and 4.5 hectares of aquatic farms, killed 300 poultry and broke 748 trees.

The local steering board for storm and flood prevention and search and rescue said that the board and district authorities had immediately come to the whirlwind-hit areas to direct locals to tackle the impacts by helping them repair their homes and restore production.-VNA