International non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have so far poured aid worth 1.4 million USD into the central province Vinh Phuc this year, improving local living standards through a number of social projects.

The NGOs, hailing from the US, the Republic of Korea, France and Japan, invested in education, vocational training, healthcare and the environment.

The Korean KFHI organisation has been running programmes in the province since 2007. During that time, the organisation spent more than 3.6 million USD on supporting 60 poor households with start-up capital for production, helping 1,240 students pay their tuition fees, assisting disadvantaged families in building new homes, and supporting schools in mountainous areas to improve their infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the World Together Organisation continued its support for nearly 100 disadvantaged students in need.

GRET, a French non-governmental organisation, helps improve the living conditions of migrant female labourers in Vinh Yen city by improving their professional skills and awareness of their rights.

Currently, the locality is striving to attract investment in other sectors, including environmental protection and waste treatment, natural disaster prevention and climate change adaption, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.-VNA