A group of divers living in Nha Trang city, the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa, have been cleaning the sea for years off Hon Mun island. Taking up diving as a hobby and ending up using it to protect the environment, they are taking matters in their own hands.

During a 150-minute diving session at the Hon Mun island, the Vietdiver group can collect up to three sacks of trash, most of it discarded fishing net and plastic bags. Having been operating for six years, the Vietdiver group has attracted lots of youngsters in the locality to volunteer. Due to the dangerous nature of the job, the organiser requires member to have health certificates and diving certificates.

A local tour guide will be appointed to a group of divers to participate in the programme. The sea clean-up programme follows the Greenfin standards and rules.

The sea clean-up programme has become popular among Nha Trang youths in recent years. A small and simple action but it speaks a thousand words, making Nha Trang a better and safer place for both local people and holidaymakers.-VNA