It is rare to see people taking a break at the moment in Nhat Tan flower village. Everyone is up to their necks in work, tending to the perfect peach blossom trees. Farmers are applying special techniques to promote the growth of the ornamental trees they have developed over time.

Removing the leaves requires care and calculation. It is an essential step to ensure the peach blossoms bloom beautifully in time for the Lunar New Year.

Removing weeds, leaves and replanting them in pots, some households are even preparing for next year’s peach blossom season. As Tet draws near, many people are visiting the village to pick the perfect ornamental tree.

The price of peach blossom trees is relatively stable since there aren’t many places that grow this kind of tree. Many people opt to rent a tree, making it suitable for replanting after Tet is over./.