A 4.5ha golf course and driving range, designed by US golf legend Jack Nicklaus, has opened in Hanoi's Soc Son district.

The driving range, which includes the 18-hole Legend Hill Golf Resort, is the biggest of its kind in Vietnam and has an investment of 100 million USD.

The project was launched by Vietnam-based BRG Group and Nicklaus Design to promote golf in the country.

"It's the first golf resort in Vietnam that Jack Nicklaus – the greatest professional golfers of all time – has designed. The resort, close to Soc Temple , will be ideal for golfers and weekend visitors," said Nguyen Thi Nga, chairworman of BRG Group.

"Jack has designed 350 golf courses around the world, but it's the first time he has agreed to set up a golf resort in Vietnam ," she said.

Vietnam has about 10,000 regular golfers but just five professionals.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Golf Association is developing a programme to identify talented young golfers of school age./.