Foreigners have recently been fascinated by night-time business activities, including shopping and amusement, in Vietnam. These activities have posed great potential for the country’s economy, especially evening economy. However, it is not as strong as expected for the tourism industry to take advantage.

Shopping, dining and entertainment are great needs of visitors. In fact, Vietnam is focusing on developing tourism products from 7 am to 5 pm.

Meanwhile, according to a survey, these products only bring about 30% of service revenue. The products and services that bring back the most money take place from 6 pm to 2 am, equivalent to 70 percent. However, they haven’t been developed yet.

According to many travel experts, from to the following morning, travelers are willing to spend even more than during the day. Are we wasting a huge income from night economy? To answer this question, there is a need for formal research to determine the scale, as well as its impact on economic activities in general. Policy making should also be based on the needs and conditions of each locality and region as well as reference of international experience.-VNA