The successful production of first rotavirus vaccine (Rotavin) against diarrhea were elected as one of the nine impressive science and technology events of Vietnam in 2014, which were announced during a recent programme jointly held by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Vietnam Television in Hanoi.

The success made Vietnam one of the first four countries in the world that can produce the vaccine, which is expected to protect millions of children against diarrhea. Currently, Vietnam is producing 300,000 doses per year. The figure is expected to be expanded to 1.6 million doses annually in 2016.

The other events, which are in various fields including basic science, applied science, manufacturing and mechanics, medicine, agricultural science and high technology, were honoured for their outstanding significance as great foundations for science and technology sector’s growth in the future.

Those included the first successful pancreatic-kidney operation on a brain-dead patient by doctors at 103 Military Hospital.

The first launching and export of HRD drilling rig was selected as the most striking mechanics event, which is considered a breakthrough of Vietnam’s mechanics sector.

Meanwhile, the commercialisation of products by the Vietnam National University Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Centre was the most imposing high technology event, while three awards by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Vietnam’s mutant plant varieties achievements was named as most outstanding agriculture event of the year.

In 2014, physicist Nguyen Ba An and mathematician Nguyen Huu Viet shared Ta Quang Buu award for excellent scientists.

Another event was the entrance of two Vietnamese publications, the Nanotechnology Magazine and Mathematic Magazine, to the SCOPUS system, the world biggest database system.

The Ba Son shipyard’s building of missile-mounted ships for the naval force was also named as an inspiring event in 2014.

Particularly, in 2014, the first Vietnam Science and Technology Day was marked on May 18, reflecting the Party, State and people’s consideration to the role that science and technology play in the country’s development, and encouraging the study and research of science and technology.-VNA