Dong Son village, Tam Diep city, Ninh Binh province is known for peach blossoms. For years, Dong Son peach blossom has been sought after by merchants nationwide, and the plants have been a major economic boon for local people.

Vu Thi Vi’s household has had years of experience planting peach blossom. Her garden has many peach blossom plants of up to seven years old, all full of buds with price up to 4 million VND each.

Merchants and consumers far and wide are coming to buy the ornamental plant here. Pham Xuan Thuy’s household has even prepared for next year’s peach blossom season already.

Dong Son village has the largest area for growing peach blossom trees in Ninh Binh province, with up to 800 households growing and selling these ornamental plants over 120 hectares. Thanks to these ornamental plants, the livelihood of people has been improved remarkably, with per capita income exceeding 42 million VND per year year. In the coming years, Dong Son authorities will continue to support growers on capital, training classes on techniques to help improve the quality of Dong Son peach blossom plants./.