In an attempt to provide official information and best experience for visitors when visiting the locality, Ninh Binh province has deployed a smart travel  application on mobile devices.

Since June 2018, Ninh Binh has officially launched a smart tourism portal at and smart travel application on mobile devices. To date, the system has been integrated with several functions.

Ninh Binh is the second province to introduce the smart travel system. Thanks to the system’s success, many other provinces and cities have started to deploy the initiative in order to boost tourism.

The smart tourism system has attracted participation of hundreds of local units, travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants. On average, there are over 200 visits of tourists to the system to search for tourism information.

In the coming time, the province will promote more utilities for the smart travel system such as artificial intelligence, arrival destination recognition and virtual digital to lure more tourists to the province.-VNA