The model of community-based tourism, also known as homestay tourism, is favoured and appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists in Ninh Binh province. In order to sustainably develop this tourism model, Ninh Binh province has been using a variety of solutions to manage, support, and contribute to promoting tourism and increasing incomes for local people.

In Hoa Lu district, the homestay tourism model has helped many families earn higher incomes and stabilise their lives. Besides food and accommodation services, tourists can participate in experiencing family activities such as rice cultivation and shrimp or fish catching. Many families also work this together with selling local products as souvenirs, such as elderberries, handmade crafts, and bamboo and rattan creations.

In the coming time, the local tourism industry will continue to develop homestay tourism in the direction of encouraging households in the area to invest in tourism. In particular, the development of a homestay business must ensure national security and social order, contribute to the protection of the natural and social environment, and preserve and promote the local cultural identity.-VNA