Thanks to technical assistance and training from NinhThuan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in recent years, many farmers in the central province have successfully applied the VietGap model in grape growing. The model has helped improve economic efficiency and the quality of local grape products.

Growing grapes under VietGap or Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practice standards poses plenty of challenges at first, as the plant requires special care, especially given climate change.

Yet, thanks to strict compliance with technical procedures in planting, growing and harvesting, one hectare on average can produce about 30 tonnes of the fruit.

As organic products, the wholesale price of grapes grown under the VietGap model is often 1.5 times higher than those without VietGap approval.

Grapes have higher economic value compared to many other plants. Specifically, its economic efficiency is 8-9 times higher than that of rice.

Therefore, applying VietGap model in growing grapes can help farmers make their fortune.

Being fully aware of the grape’s foothold position in the province’s economy, local authorities have mapped out a 7,900-hectare area for grape growing.They also focused on developing new varieties and technical assistance for local farmers.-VNA