Ninh Thuan is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, Cham towers, and craft villages with bold Cham cultural identity but also the grapes sparkling in the sun.

This land, in the middle of the South Central region, is sunny and windy all year round, which is very suitable for growing grapes. Going from Vinh Hy Bay to Phan Rang-Thap Cham city, you can see everywhere the grapes rigs which are juicy and waiting to be harvested.

Unlike vineyards in Europe, Ninh Thuan grapes are grown in the way of the high trellis. When visiting the vineyard, visitors seem to be immersed in the middle of another world, and only need to reach out to touch the purple grapes that are emitting a soft fragrance.

In recent years, Ninh Thuan grapes have become a strong brand, sold to many regions in the country and exported to other countries, which brings a prosperous life for people.

The sun and wind of Ninh Thuan did not extinguish the fire of determination of the grape farmers here. The more harsh the nature is, the stronger the will of man is.

Visiting Ninh Thuan, enjoying grapes right in the garden, and listening to the story of growing grapes by the people here makes us love this land more and more - where resilience blooms bunches of grapes in the sun./.