Ninh Thuan works to ensure life of relocated households hinh anh 1The sketch of Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant (Source:
Hanoi (VNA) – The south-central province of Ninh Thuan is taking every measure to ensure a stable life for nearly 1,300 households with 5,000 people who have to relocate to make way for the construction of two nuclear power plants in the locality.

Fishermen, for example, will be supported with loans to build ships, buy equipment, and buy insurance. They are also provided with new technology in searching for seafood-rich fishing grounds.

Local authorities will also facilitate the establishment of off-shore fishing groups and build infrastructure at new settlements to develop fishing logistics.

Meanwhile, those living on farming and aquaculture will be given new land for production or vocational training to shift to other means of livelihoods such as trade and services, husbandry, traditional crafts, or tourism.

The province has also inaugurated a coastal road of over 106 kilometres connecting local routes with the National Highway 1A, which facilitates regional connectivity and goods trading.

The provincial People’s Committee has set up a steering committee for the relocation and resettlement project, comprising of three sub-committees for land clearance, human resources training, vocational training, job generation, and communication.

The Prime Minister approved a plan for resident relocation and resettlement in June 2015 to serve the construction of the nuclear power plants.

The relocation of people is scheduled to complete in 2018.

The National Assembly agreed to activate nuclear power projects in November 2009 and underlined the importance of implementing effectively relocation and resettlement.

The nuke plants are key national hi-tech projects with a view to ensuring energy security and greenhouse gas emissions prevention.-VNA