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The General Department of Customs said late last week no chicken has been imported from the US at the low price of 12,000 VND (0.58 USD) per kilo.

This announcement came following accusations by the Vietnam Poultry Association heard at a conference last week.

Charges were aired that inexpensive chicken was imported due to trade fraud, citing findings that the lowest price of chicken legs shipped to Vietnam was 0.9 USD per kilo. The association also said that the General Department of Customs refused to name the importers of US chicken legs, as requested by the association.

In response, one day later, the General Department of Customs disclosed statistics detailing how, during the first six months of this year, there were 82 importers of chicken, who imported 70,000 tonnes, worth 63.7 million USD.

Vietnam mainly imports chicken from the US, Brazil and the Republic of Korea, with chicken imports from the US valued at 39.1 million USD.

The average pre-tax price for imported chicken was 0.91 USD, or 19,600 VND per kilo. There were no chickens imported from the US at 12,000 VND per kilo, the customs general department said.

The department also said that the figures were sent to the Vietnam Competition Agency, as part of their continuing investigation of suspected dumping of inexpensive US chicken in Vietnam.

Early in August, the US was accused of dumping cheap chicken legs into Vietnam by livestock associations in Dong Nai province and the southeast region.

In response, the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council denied the claim, saying that US chicken sold in Vietnam at the same, or higher prices, than in the US.

The Government of Vietnam, however, has required a thorough investigation to be carried out, in line with its international commitments.

This case rang an alarm about the vulnerability of the domestic husbandry industry amid the country's rapid international integration.

Experts pointed out that small-scale production would make the domestic husbandry industry less competitive, given the anticipated rising competition from imported products due to Vietnam's enacting free trade agreements, especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership.-VNA