No terrorist threats found in Bangkok: Police hinh anh 1A Thai police inspects car entering Bangkok trade center (Source: AFP/VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Thai Deputy Police Chief Srivarah Rangsipramanakul said on October 14 that the police have not found any terrorist threats in and around Bangkok.

Upon receiving information about bomb attacks, the police have conducted thoroughly searches for possible bomb planting plots in every coner in Bangkok and its surounding areas from October 25 to 30.

According to Rangsipramanakul, the situation has remained normal so far. However, the police and authorities have been still vigilant of possibilities of bombings and other terrorist attacks.

He also dismissed unconfirmed news reports that 44 members of a group called P.Y.N.S. have been arrsted and detained on suspected terrorist charges, though some people were arrested with the same allegation.

Earlier, the Thai police warned of possible three car bomb attacks being planned in Bangkok in late October. Tourist attractions and shopping centres’ parking lots would be the attacks’ targets.

Since then, Thai police have tightened security measures and conducted large-scale searches in nine places of Bangkok.

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) confirmed the security alerts in Bangkok and ordered to set up checkpoints and conducted searches. Local authorities are also monitoring the movements of people suspected of launching bombings in southern and central provinces of Thailand on August 12.-VNA