The Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines has not recorded any deaths in the Vietnamese community there caused by super typhoon Haiyan, which has almost flattened the country’s central Tacloban city.

According to the embassy, there are currently 1,000 Vietnamese citizens living in the Philippines, with most residing in the capital city Manila, Palawan and Batangas provinces, Luzon and Cebu islands.

Right after the typhoon swept through the country, the embassy began to work with local authorities to check the status of Vietnamese people living in the country.

Accordingly, a working group was formed to connect with the Vietnamese community to keep track of the situation and promptly provide aid and assistance such as essential commodities to distressed Vietnamese people.

On receiving information that Vietnamese people were facing difficulties in Tacloban city, Leyte island province, the embassy did its utmost to contact these persons so as to provide them with relief.

Earlier, it sent diplomatic notes to the host country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Coast Guards and Naval Force to provide information and help Vietnamese fishing boats shelter from typhoon Haiyan.

Vietnam will send initial emergency aid worth 100,000 USD to the Philippines to help typhoon victims.

Super-typhoon Haiyan, the strongest cyclone of this year in the world, made landfall over central Philippine localities on November 8. It is feared that casualties from the typhoon can reach 10,000, mostly in Tacloban city. Another 4.4 million people are facing homeless after their houses are destroyed in the disaster.

Haiyan on early November 11 landed in northern Vietnam, causing heavy rains and strong wind in the region./.