The HNX30, tracking the Hanoi Stock Exchange's 30 leading shares in terms of market capitalisation and liquidity, will start to operate on July 9, according to an official announcement made on July 5.

The index, with the base date of January 3 and a base point of 100, was estimated to have reached 132.76 points as of July 2.

"We found that investment in the HNX30 is much more profitable than the HNX-Index," said Tran Le Minh, a member of the index management board.

The index is expected to grow by 60 percent in the coming time.

The number of stocks in each sector will not exceed 20 percent of the total 30 shares, said the exchange Deputy General Director Nguyen Anh Phong. The shares will be revised every six months, in April and October. In addition, special revision will be conducted to eliminate underperforming stocks and ensure other notable stocks will not be neglected.

It accounted for 60.5 percent of the total Hanoi market value last year and 55.18 percent of market capitalisation on December 30.-VNA