More than 400 key cadres from 27 northern city and provincial Party committees and popularisation and information committees attended a conference in Hanoi on April 20 which was aimed at helping them to thoroughly grasp the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress.

Party General Secretary and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said that the three-day conference, the first of its kind, is a political activity and one of the key tasks of 2011.

The Party chief asked the participants to thoroughly grasp the fundamental contents, new points and theoretical and ideological foundations of the Resolution to bring it into life so as to create the harmony in thought, will and activity in the entire Party, people and army, and a broad consensus in society.

Trong said that the 11th Congress adopted a number of major documents, such as the Platform for National Construction during the transitional period towards socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), the Socio-economic Development Strategy for the 2011-20 period, the Political Report and the Party Statute.

The documents adopted at this Congress are a profound theoretical and practical summarisation of 20 years of implementing the Platform, 10 years of implementing the Socio-economic Development Strategy (2001-10), and five years of implementing socio-economic tasks and directions (2006-10), he added.

They are the essence of the brainpower, the will and the desire of the entire Party and people, the continual affirmation, perfection and development of the Party’s viewpoint and policy under the renewal ideology. They define the targets and tasks of the entire Party and the nation in the new period of development which are full of prospects and challenges for the country’s revolution from now until 2020 and the following years, said the Party leader.

Similar conferences will be held for southern Party officials in Ho Chi Minh City and central Party officials in coastal Da Nang city./.