Relevant agencies and authorities in north western localities should intensify local people’s involvement in defending political security and social order as the hostile and reactionary forces are launching wicked sabotaging activities targeting the region.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Head of the Steering Committee on the North Western Region, was speaking at a meeting on security and order in the region in 2013. The meeting was co-hosted by the Steering Committee and the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi on September 24.

To achieve that, the leadership of the Party committees and authorities at all levels should be strengthened in implementing the government’s programmes and plans on crime prevention, the Deputy PM said.

The quality of State management on security and national defence at localities needs to be improved, he said, adding that the relevant ministries and localities should be resolute in defeating schemes to establish the so-called H’Mong State.

The Steering Committee reported that activities to induce and incite local people to cause disorder undertaken by the reactionary and hostile forces have become more complex.

There were implicit security instability along the common borderline and drug and human trafficking, unrecorded immigration and illegal border crossing still happened, the committee said.

At the meeting, participants also reviewed the handling and eradication of the illegal organisation Duong Van Minh in Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen provinces.

According to Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang, the issue has been dealt with efficiently though yet met the requirements.

He told the participants that there were plots to provoke local people into setting up the so called “H’Mong State” and to utilize religions and beliefs to sabotage the Party and State and underline the national great unity bloc in the region.

Deputy Prime Minister Phuc affirmed that the Party and State have defined that measures to maintain political security and social order will be carried out synchronously, helping spurring socio-economic development and improving the living conditions of people in the region.-VNA