Politburo member To Huy Rua has asked the northwestern region to further develop dairy cow breeding, sturgeon and salmon raising and rubber and cotton planting.

Rua, who is also member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee’s Secretariat and Head of the CPVCC Commission for Organisation, made the request while working with the Northwestern Steering Committee in northern Yen Bai province on August 17.

Rua commended the committee on its efforts to instruct the northwestern localities in poverty reduction and socio-economic, human resources and traffic infrastructure development.

Over the past six years, the northwestern region has recorded an average growth rate of 11.21 percent a year and its economic restructuring has shifted towards reduction in agro-forestry and increase in industry-construction and services.

Investment capital poured into the region increased by 25 percent every year and an average annual per-capita income reached 11.75 million VND.

In his working session with the Yen Bai Provincial Party Committee, Rua said he hoped Yen Bai city will become an urban centre of the northwestern region and the city authorities will pay attention to urban planning to preserve the region’s landscape./.