Issues relating to nuclear energy development and global energy security were on the agenda of an international workshop in Hanoi on Jan. 17.

At the workshop on nuclear energy 2012, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology and Director of the Nuclear Energy Department, stressed Vietnam ’s stance on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while ensuring safety and security.

After Fukushima accident in Japan in March 2011, Vietnam still pursues its nuclear energy development programme, to ensure energy for socio-economic development with safety being the top priority, he said.

Along with developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, safety and security, the risk of proliferation of nuclear weapons and safety of nuclear power plants against natural disasters are still major concerns worldwide.

Vietnam ’s first nuclear power plant is scheduled to be operational in 2020. By 2030, the capacity from nuclear power will be 10,700MW, accounting for 10.1 percent of the country’s total power capacity.

The workshop was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with the UK Nuclear Energy Agency, the UK Embassy in Vietnam and the World Nuclear Association./.