Vietnam’s first oil refinery, Dung Quat, returned to production on April 3 after temporarily stopping to examine its equipment for upcoming overall maintenance.

The plant started checking all of its equipment and facilities on Mar. 23 and was due to kick off its overall maintenance in mid July, this year, after two years of operation.

The refinery’s overall maintenance will be undertaken by the Ubec firm of the Republic of Korea at the cost of 25 million USD.

The contract for the work was signed by the refinery’s owner, the Binh Son Petrochemical Company, and the RoK firm on March 31.

The refinery is capable of processing 6.5 million tonnes of crude oil a year into products like liquefied gas (LPG), unleaded petrol, kerosene, air fuel, auto diesel, fuel oil (FO), sulphur and polypropylene.

By Mar. 30, it had produced 8.52 million tonnes of petroleum products and sold more than 8.43 million tonnes of products./.