Visitors to an alley in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 4 can’t help but be surprised by pieces of artwork painted on walls. The mural artist is a 75-year-old man, who is working to beautify the alley.


For two years, no matter how sunny or rainy it is, Nguyen Van Minh has been engrossed in his art. Minh sketches on the walls of the alley where he spends his life.

Minh normally paints landscapes, with images bright with colour, joy and optimism. Along with the paintings are poems, famous saying or quotes.

Minh lives with his family in a humble house at the end of the alley. Despite his living conditions, he spends his own money to buy paints to complete his art works.

The sight of the old man wheeling his bike full of paintbrushes and paints has become familiar to locals. With his love for life and art, the old artist has worked magic, making the alley beautiful.

The old painter, with his endless love for art and life, has enlivened the alley, and brought joy to local people.-VNA