In the context of technology booming, it is easier for people to access information via Internet. However, many people are still keeping their habit of collecting printed books no matter how old they are.


Located at a small alley on Le Thanh Nghi street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, the book store owned by Le Van Hop is piled with books of all genres at different prices.

"I have collected books for a long time. I sell books as a way to meet other old book lovers," Le Van Hop, a book collector said.

The 31-year-old man owns more than 20,000 books. Among the ocean of books, the oldest one is “An Nam history” published in 1906 in French. 

Hop added: "Finding a book after a long time of looking for it is exhilarating. Sometimes, I read until 2 or 3 am."

Despite the digital era, old book fairs still exist, offering a good opportunity for book lovers to share their interests. Moreover, through which, knowledge of humankind is preserved forever.

Nguyen Thanh Tung, an book fair goer said: " I had no free time when I joined the army. Now I want to look for good books to remind me of the past."

 "It’s money saving for us. In addition, we can get knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere," said Nguyen Thanh Nhan from Central Teaching College.

For book lovers, old books not only contain knowledge, but great cultural and mental values as well. Therefore, although society is developed and how reading habits change, old books still are popular among some readers.-VNA