“Bai ca thang giac Corona” (or a song encouraging people to stamp out the coronavirus) made its debut not so long following the song “a march to put out the coronavirus). With lively lyrics, “Bai ca thang giac Corona” helps lift people’s spirits to fight against the pandemic.

"Spirit is an important source of power in fully defeating the virus. I wrote this song to encourage all forces to make a concerted effort to win the fight," said Poet and Composer Ngoc Le Ninh.

"The song talks about national solidarity during tough times. We made a music video to pay tribute to frontline forces and to share the difficulties with the whole country, particularly pandemic-hit localities such as Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces," Meritorious Artist Tran Tua said.

The music video attracted the participation of famous artists, together with director Bao Bao and primary school students.

Meritorious Artist Hong Lien said: "I was happy to take part in the music video. The song encourages people to carry out the “5K message” to prevent the spread of the virus, helping life to return to normal soon."

Ngoc Le Ninh’s poems, with new and vibrant genres, have breathed fresh air into contemporary poetry.

According to Ninh, writers and artists are soldiers on the frontline of culture and art. They should do more to raise public awareness and encourage their involvement in the fight against COVID-19. 

Ngoc Le Ninh is now working at the Vietnam Environment Administration. He has published a wide range of poems, many of which were warmly received by readers./.