The song "Forever Alone", composed and performed by popular singer and rapper Justa Tee, was named Song of the Year at the annual Zing Music Awards for online music.

Announced at a ceremony held in Ho Chi Minh City on January 7, the award Art Council noted that the song satisfied local audience's tastes and met professional criteria with creativeness and by adopting modern features.

The song also won The Most Favourite R&B Song of the Year title, which has been judged based upon the number of listeners who clicked on the "like" button, contributed comments and shared the song on the online Zing Mp3 website.

The album "Nguoi Ay" (That Person), produced by Trinh Thang Binh, won the Album of the Year title.

Singer Le Quyen was named Artist of the Year, receiving six of the nine votes by the Art Council, while Noo Phuoc Thinh won Most Favourite Male Artist.

Also, composer Nguyen Hong Thuan received the honorary title of Most Favourite Composer at the ceremony.-VNA