The Vietnam Report Joint-Stock Company, in collaboration with VietnamNet newspaper, will hold a ceremony on January 13 to announce the Top 500 largest Vietnamese Enterprises in 2011 (VNR500) in HCM City.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the VNR500 has been held to recognise and honour the companies' achievements.

At the meeting, a forum with the theme "Harvard Exchange: Strategic Vision – Vietnamese Businesses with Global Challenges" will discuss solutions for local businesses to integrate with the world economy.

The VNR 500 forum will be attended by leaders of big companies, domestic and foreign professors, economists and researchers. A delegation of professors from Harvard University in the US and American entrepreneurs will also participate.

On this occasion, Media Tenor International, the sole partner of Vietnam Report, will also announce the Global Reputation Awards – Asia 2011, which is the most prestigious in the international media.

The Vietnam Top 500 Largest Enterprises by the Revenue Ranking Board, which follows the Fortune 500 model, is based on international standard research results from the dReport Joint-Stock Company, with consultation from Vietnamese and international experts, particularly Professor John Quelch, vice president of Harvard Business School./.