📝 OP-ED Party leader’s book on Vietnam’s path to socialism draws large attention hinh anh 1
Hanoi (VNA) – The recently-released book, titled “Several theoretical and practical issues on socialism and the path toward socialism in Vietnam”, by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has drawn large attention from Party officials, members and people nationwide.

The nearly-500-page book puts together 29 articles and speeches by the leader from the preparation of documents of the Party's 13th National Congress.

It provides a broad overview on theory and a profound review on practical issues in socialism building in Vietnam, which has been conducted creatively by the Party on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, and President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology.

Standing Vice Chairman of the Central Theory Council Ta Ngoc Tan said the selected articles and speeches give a definition of socialism and explain Vietnam’s selection of socialism, and the building of socialism in the country.

They highlight the significance of reform and the path towards socialism in Vietnam, and well as issues emerging during the cause, the official said.

President of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Chairman of the Council Nguyen Xuan Thang said Trong is not only the Party chief but also a great scientist and theorist of the Party.

Over the past nearly two years, the leader has written six books that hold high theoretical and practical values in many points, each of them touch upon theoretical and practical issues of the Vietnamese revolution.

Thang reiterated the Party General Secretary’s motto of creatively developing and perfecting theory on socialism building and protection in Vietnam based on theoretical review.

“The book gives a very convincing answer to the question that the Party General Secretary has repeatedly raised to Vietnamese political theorists: Is there Vietnamese revolutionary theory and one on Vietnamese socialism?,” he said. “The clear answer can be found in the book. We have Vietnamese socialism, of the Vietnamese people, by the Vietnamese people.”

Thang continued to say that the Party leader’s articles have affirmed the Party’s leadership as the decisive factor for successes and Vietnamese people as the source of strength and momentum.

According to the official, the book points out the nature, characteristics and roadmap on popular issues of Vietnamese socialism in the pillars of socialist-oriented market economy; rule-of-law socialist State of the people, by the people and  for the people; and socialist democracy.

It serves as a manual for theory researchers, and provides very valuable guidelines for leaders and managers of all sectors and levels, he noted.

According to Director and Editor-in-Chief of the National Political Publishing House Pham Minh Tuan, the book consolidates readers’ confidence that socialism with its core, sustainable and good values pursued by the mankind is a society "truly for the people”.

In the society, economic development goes in tandem with social progress and justice; and the power of the political system is held by the people and for the people, he said./.