Outbound tours to faraway destinations in Asia and Europe have caught Vietnamese travellers’ interest during the April 30 holiday, which lasts for six days.

According to Vietravel, a local travel company, the number of bookings for tours to Japan, the Republic of Korea, Europe, the United States, Australia and Turkey has tripled from last year.

The number of tourists planning visits to nations close to Vietnam has also nearly doubled, showed the company’s data.

For the domestic market, the company introduced 12 tours across Vietnam, including those featuring exciting events such as the Ha Long Carnival in Quang Ninh province or the International Firework Contest in Da Nang City.

There will also be trans-country tours and some to islands like Co To in Quang Ninh province.

Nguyen Tien Dat, Deputy Director of TransViet Travel, said the company has unveiled 20 outbound and 10 inbound tours to serve 3,000 tourists during the holiday.

The company also introduced new tours to Dubai, Bali, Taiwan and Kenya - allowing customers to experience wildlife in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Hanoi-based travel company Hanoi Tourist, will help tourists explore Kunming city in China’s southern province of Yunnan.-VNA