Outgoing Algerian Ambassador Cherif Chikhi has been honoured with the Friendship Order, a service award given by the Government to foreigners who make meaningful contributions to friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.

The award ceremony was held in Hanoi on January 12, as the ambassador prepares to leave his post after five years in Vietnam.

In his speech, Chikhi vowed to continue working to develop the bilateral friendship and cooperation upon returning to his homeland.

Also on January 12, he was awarded the insignia “For Peace and Friendship among Nations” by Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) Nguyen Thi Hoang Van.

The distinction is in recognition of his meritorious service to the friendship between Vietnam and African countries overall, and between Vietnam and Algeria in particular.

Chikhi has closely worked with the VUFO, the Vietnam – Africa Friendship Organisation, and the Vietnam – Algeria Friendship Organisation to hold photo exhibitions, film screenings and provide materials about liberation movements in Asia and African nations for Vietnamese students.-VNA