Outstanding research works on the East Sea in 2014 were honoured with awards from the Foundation for East Sea Studies (FESS) of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in Hanoi on March 31.

Awards were granted to eight research articles, six press stories, and three research projects on the East Sea.

Among the eight research, three were deemed excellent, focusing on the education of Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty in 12 th grade history curriculum, Vietnam’s foreign policy on the East Sea dispute, and the US Obama administration’s policy towards the dispute.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Senior Advisor to the FESS Vu Khoan spoke highly of the quality of the entries as an illustration of the society’s strong interest in the East Sea issue.

He asked the FESS management council to submit the awardees’ research works and proposals to relevant State agencies to promote the East Sea matter.

The FESS, established in March 2014, funds research by scholars, students and postgraduates who wish to contribute to protecting national sea and island sovereignty.

The foundation organises contests, seminars and discussions on the East Sea issue both at home and abroad in addition to supporting the publication of books and newspapers on the topic and granting awards to excellent research.-VNA