The most outstanding young people in the campaign of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example were honoured at a ceremony in Hanoi on August 17.

The ceremony is part of a three-day congress that brought together 200 delegates representing more than 25 million young Vietnamese in the country and abroad who have responded actively to the campaign initiated by the Party Politburo three years ago.

Addressing the ceremony, Nguyen Dac Vinh, First Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s Central Committee and also Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Union, said the campaign has reached every youth union cell and youth union member, bringing about profound changes in young people’s political awareness.

Le Hong Anh, Politburo member and permanent member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, hailed the youth union organisations for their creative approach in popularizing the campaign.

He stressed the youth unions’ role in educating young people on morality, lifestyle and ideals, particularly the country’s fine traditions, patriotism, national pride and voluntary and pioneering spirit.

The congress, held in Hanoi from August 15-17, sent a message to young people nationwide, calling on them to nurture aspirations and ambitions as well as the firm will to realise them, while continuously striving to become citizens useful for both family and the country.-VNA