The overseas Vietnamese community is an inseparable component and resource of the Vietnamese nation, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga.

Nga made the statement at the ministry’s Sept. 8 regular press briefing while answering reporters’ question on Vietnam ’s stance regarding allegations that the Vietnamese Government has not yet taken proper steps in harmony with Vietnamese people who had supported the former regime in southern Vietnam and are now living abroad.

All Vietnamese people – regardless of ethnic group, religion, origins, social status and reasons for going abroad – who aspire to make contributions to realising the common goal of national independence and unification and building a rich and strong Vietnamese country with an equitable, democratic and civilised society, are gathered in the all-nation great unity bloc, she said.

According to the spokeswoman, over past years, Vietnam has implemented many policies and measures to encourage and create conditions for the Overseas Vietnamese community to attach themselves and contribute to the homeland, such as regulations on visa exemptions for Overseas Vietnamese, plus favourable regulations with many incentives on investment, nationality, entry-exit, house and land purchase in Vietnam .

These policies and measures are applied for all Vietnamese living abroad, including those who had cooperated with the former South Vietnam regime, she said.

Many Overseas Vietnamese people have returned to the homeland to exchange, cooperate and seek business opportunities in various fields, making active contributions to the national construction and development, Nga said./.