Over 11,400 market frauds discovered in southern localities hinh anh 1A delegate speaks at a first-half market management review held in HCM City (Photo: VNA)
HCM City (VNA) - The market management departments of 19 provinces and cities in the south in the first half of the year discovered more than 11,420 violations of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting, a year-on-year increase of 4 percent, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Market Management Department.

Phan Hoan Kiem, head of the department, said there were more than 10,320 cases with 119.4 billion VND (5.25 million USD) collected.

Kiem spoke at a meeting held in HCM City late last week that discussed coordination of the 19 market management departments in the south and set tasks for the latter half of the year.

Kiem said smuggling had become more sophisticated and complex through the use of modern technologies and trans-border smuggling networks connecting many people.

Smugglers often change their location and timing and use modern transport and communication means. They do not store smuggled cigarettes in houses or warehouses but rather at vacant sites in deserted areas and wait for the recipients, he said.

They are willing to flee and resist authorised forces, and do not declare ownership of smuggled goods or transport means when they are inspected, according to delegates at the meeting.

Smuggled goods are mainly tobacco, sugar, garments, footwear, household electrical products, cosmetics, glasses, watches, wine, children’s toys, automobile parts and mobile phones.

Authorised forces have improved checks and seized many cases of smuggled sugar.

But due to high profits, smugglers have adopted ways to illegally transport sugar into the country, they said.

In addition, the production and distribution of fake goods is increasing.

Fake goods are manufactured domestically and smuggled into the country, mainly sugar, household utensils, fertilisers, animal feed, seafood veterinary and gasoline, all of which are hard to distinguish from genuine goods by the eye.

Kiem said that market management departments in 19 cities and provinces in the south had successfully worked together in inspection and discovery of violations in border areas between provinces and cities, and had verified and collected documents and evidence to deal with violators.

The co-ordination among market management departments has improved the fight against smuggling and trade fraud, but they still encounter difficulties in carrying out their duties because of a shortage of staff and expenditures.

In the latter half of the year, market management departments in the south will further enhance co-operation to prevent and deal with smuggling, trade fraud and sales of counterfeit goods, he said.

They will disseminate information to organisations, individuals and citizens, encouraging them not to take part in the trade or consumption of fake or poor quality goods.

Delegates at the meeting suggested that the Government and localities launch measures to boost the economy in border areas and create jobs to help prevent locals from taking part in smuggling rings.-VNA