As many as 15,446 domestic and foreign prisoners nationwide will be released on August 30 in compliance with the President’s amnesty decision on the occasion of the upcoming National Day (Sept. 2).

Another 77 who are temporarily suspended from serving sentences will also be given amnesty.

Addressing a press briefing in Hanoi on August 29, Standing Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Giang Son said the move is made in a careful, transparent and fair manner, ensuring democracy throughout the process.

Prescribed in Vietnam’s Constitution and institutionalised by the 2007 Law on Amnesty and legal documents, the decision mirrors the Party and State policy of clemency and the humane tradition of the nation, he said.

Son added that prisoners sentenced by all-level People’s Courts that have made good rehabilitation progress are eligible for a possible pardon, irrespective of their nationalities.

Among the pardoned inmates, 1,842 are women, 16 are foreigners, 4 were charged with acting against national security and 3 will receive special amnesty.-VNA