The Fund under the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese (OV) will spend more than 17 billion VND on projects supporting beneficiaries this year.

At a meeting held in Hanoi on March 26 to discuss directions for operation this year, Director of the Fund for Supporting Overseas Vietnamese, Nguyen Quang Tinh said that the projects include the building of schools for teaching Vietnamese in Laos and Cambodia and the organisation of a festival in Europe and summer camps for OV teenagers.

Also, part of the money will be used to host outstanding OV who return to their home country to celebrate the anniversary of the Hung Kings’ death (Lunar March 10), Independence Day (September 2) and to visit the Spratly archipelago, the Chairman added.

According to him, a number of cultural and artistic performances and exhibitions of publications for OV will be held this year.

The fund will also support a scheme to attract OV intellectuals and business people to return home to build the country and set up a database for them.

The fund has provided over 35 billion VND for 90 projects supporting OV since it was established seven years ago./.