The project to build 187 suspension bridges across the country will be completed by mid 2015, according to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam (DRV).

DRV Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Quyen was speaking at a January 13 conference in Hanoi to review 2014 achievements and implement the 2015 agenda.

The department also intends to build another 4,000 bridges between 2015 and 2017 among a number of maintenance projects from the Vietnam Road Asset Maintenance Project (VRAMP), funded through loans from the World Bank.

It will also accelerate the implementation of regular maintenance across the entire national road system.

Besides, online administrative services for granting and renewing driving licenses will be applied in the third quarter of this year, including personnel training.

In 2014, national road system maintenance met transport requirements, with 74 build-operate-transfer projects implemented across nearly 20,000 kilometres of road, more than 400 kilometres of which were put into operation. Last year also saw new measures enacted and enforced regarding vehicle weight limits. Nearly 60,000 violations of weight limits were detected and 227 billion VND (10 million USD) in fines were collected.-VNA